A little something about me

Hi I'm Maggie, a London based designer, director and maker of crafty things. My work is shaped by a love of collecting (hoarding). Having spent years gathering random bits and bobs, I have a garage full of fabrics, materials, toys and all the useless things other people might consider rubbish but I treasure. I often have to reassure people that everything will be used at some point, so I keep busy to make sure this will happen (there is a lot of stuff to get through).

With 7 years of experience working in the design and animation industry, I left the world of freelancing in early 2011. Joining forces with with Sarah Killeen and Jamie Pigram, we set up our very own creative agency called Fred & Eric. Our aim is to continue building on the style of work I love to make, as well as collaborating with lots of talented creatives we meet along the way.

If you'd like to chat about working together or if you have any other questions please contact us.


My friends