LBP2 trailer

This trailer was created to introduce the release of Little Big Planet 2. The narrative takes us on a journey through gaming history, featuring homages to iconic computer games. The game levels were created entirely using LBP2's create mode, exclusively for this trailer.

Handmade cardboard computer consoles and props continued this visual journey through time, creating stop-frame transitions between gameplay sections. These real settings also brought the game's character Sackboy, out from the game and into the real environment to add an extra creative twist.

Music and sound design completed the creative, adding in instruments and musical styles that related to the different gaming eras.

Behind the scenes

  • Designed & Directed by: Maggie Rogers
  • Produced at Maverick Media for Sony/Media Molecule
  • Creative Director: Will Cole
  • Producer: Monica Domanska
  • DOP: Michael Wood
  • After Effects Animation: Ryan Brotherston
  • Stop-frame Animation: Joe James
  • LBP2 Level Designers: Grant Egglestone & Jack Houghton
  • Model Makers: Tom Ashton-Booth, Richard Martin, Abbie Bellwood & Maggie Rogers
  • Music Composition: Nicholas Webb @ Squarepeg UK
  • Sound Design: Anna Sulley
  • End Track: Sleepyhead by Passion Pit
  • Sound Mixed at Silk Sound