This title sequence was created for T4's series called Debutantes, in conjunction with Transport For London. The idea behind the show was to promote the road Safety message "don't die before you've lived". With the show giving young Debutantes the opportunity to be mentored by iconic industry professionals in their chosen field.

The title sequence follows the main character who is given a second chance to realise his potential. After the 'false start', we follow his journey down a street, passing other debutantes along the way. The surroundings created in After Effects. Whilst the shot footage had frames stripped out to give the animation a stop-frame feel.

The characters were shot in a green screen studio with a green treadmill for the walking shots.

Behind the scenes

  • Title Sequence Design & Shoot Direction: Maggie Rogers
  • Logo Design & Original Concept: Faye Pearson
  • Produced at Mr & Mrs Smith for T4 & TFL
  • After Effects Animation: Paul Tuersley
  • Main Actor: Alex Bhat
  • Additional Actors: Ned Miles, Faye Pearson, Spencer Murphy, Lee Cooper, Andy, Jerome Bastien, Ziggy Hasan, Kate and Nipper the Dog
  • DOP: Marcus Domleo
  • Styling: Fiona Guessous
  • Make-up: Jodi Farrell
  • Music: Richard Spiller
  • Studio: Molinare