The scraggitty scarecrow

Knitting! There was a lot of wool that went into creating this story but thanks to the magic of After Effects we managed to stop short of knitting the entire sets.

Each knitted item was photographed from various angles to give enough different elements to create the different settings. Scraggitty was the only non-knitted element. He had a wire armature which was padded out with stuffing and covered in fabric. His big round eyes and colourful clothes help to give him a friendly character (not a scary scarecrow I hope!). Scraggitty's movements were created using stop-frame animation and later embellished in After Effects to give a range of movement.

Behind the scenes

  • Designed & Directed by: Maggie Rogers
  • Produced for Disney by Fold7 / Mr & Mrs Smith
  • Story written by Tracey Hammett
  • Producer: Jamie Pigram
  • Animation: Ryan Brotherston
  • Stop-frame Animation: Maggie Rogers
  • DOP for Stop-Frame Shoot: Andrew Meredith
  • Scraggitty made by Maggie Rogers
  • Chief Knitter: Cathie Rogers
  • Other Knitters: Phyllis Knowles & Maggie Rogers
  • Narration: Hugh Denis recorded at Wise Buddah
  • Sound Design: Candle Music