Linda tina

I created this character for Harry Hill's K Factor competition. She didn't make it on telly, but here's her backstory:

Name: Linda-Tina

Story: She is a knitted Character superfan! She has been following the knitted character for about 2 weeks, and would love nothing more than to unravel a bit of his wool. If the knitted character won't give her a kiss, she will resort to blackmail and reveal live on TV that the knitted character...... is..... in fact..... crocheted (not knitted)!!! Even though she has no proof of this, she's sure the slur on the Knitted Characters' good name will be enough to ensure her a place in the live final, with him by her side....

How she was made: Linda-Tina was made partly from scratch, and partly from an old blanket my mum (Cathie) knitted, but never finished. I decided to put this unfinished knitting to good use and transform it into the knitted characters' ultimate woman!

Linda-Tina has extra stuffing in her bra to make her more alluring. She also hopes this will distract attention away from her short legs. She carries a heart-shaped frame of the Knitted Character with her everywhere she goes. Her arms are super long, so even though her hands are stitched to the frame, she can still hook her arms over the knitted characters' head for a long embrace. Linda-Tina's hair is her pride and joy. It's totally natural.

She knows how competitive the K-Factor world can be, so what ever she needs to do in order to get to the final- she'll do it!...

  • Created by Maggie Rogers (with Knitting help from Cathie Rogers)
  • Photograph by Andrew Meredith